What is 95?


Short for Interstate 95. Quite possibly the most congested Interstate highway in the USA, with the worst drivers (east coast drivers) in the USA.

I almost got rear-ended on 95 because some moron from New York was tailgating me and traffic came to a sudden stop.


The number of theses that Martin Luther posted up on the Wittenburg Church in Europe. This groundbreaking event shattered common belief and the Church's influence. His 95 theses sparked the reformation world wide. This gradually led to the Glorious revolution where Churches had less power, Catholic rule was decreased, and people became literate. Johannes Guttenburg's invention of the printing press helped Martin Luther spread his ideas like a wild fire.


A: Yo dawg, you read em 95 theses?

B: Yo, yo. Fasho.

A: I'mma hell cap dem Priests and Church leaders, yo.

B: Word.

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the greatest number of all time

B-Mount is soooo gangsta his wearin #95

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