What is 951?


Beautiful place to live in southern california...located in riverside county..is getting exspensive to live in the 951 area..the top 25 list voted riverside county as the 24th most exspensive area to purcase a home in the USA. Cities in 951 are Corona, Temecula..wine country, murrieta, suburbs...borders. San Diego County, San Bernadino and The County of Orange. Is approx 35 miles away from Los Angeles,

A beautiful place to live and raise a family


Also called Riverside County. Its a really nice place. All though very expensive. Filled with differant races and differant stereotypes. Some people that are stereotypical would say everyone in the 951 area is a bro or bro hoe and like raised trucks and stuff like that. I think I know what a raised truck is, but I think I don't. And I live there! It's not really that "ghetto" either, its filled with mostly track homes. Its your typical little towns. In Murrieta we have 3 middle schools, 3 high schools, a movie theater, billions of track homes, I think 3 or 4 elementary schools. Its typical, nothing really special. Thats about it.

951 is just like the little town I passed by 10 minutes ago.

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Where the Inland Empire tosses all their garbage. Formerly known as the 909. An expanse of ghetto dirt yards inhabited by rabid dogs, bro hoes and meth labs. Might as well be called the 420.

"I'm from the 951."

"What the fuck are you talking about, you peice of trash?"

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internal model number for porsche 944 turbo

my 951 just left that RSX Type S eating my dust.

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The former part of the 909. 951 is where the 909's white trash resides. Thankfully we (Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Ontariom, Most of Redlands, Big Bear) are seperated from the white trash (Most of Riverside County and San Berdoo).

Me: I'm from the 909


Me: No, your thinking of the new 951 Area Code!

Some Guy: My bad. Your like a 714 or 626 guy!


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