What is 957?


957-(i.e. Nine-Five-Seven) was originally Mrs. Hurdicure, a.k.a. Patient 957, a character in the 1996 movie Kids In The Hall, Brain Candy. Methamphetamine or crystal meth has become very popular, in epidemic proportions, especially in Southern California, where it is known by many names, most of which are easily deciphered and understood by parents, law enforcement, etc. 957 is still considerably unknown as a synonym for meth or speed.

Dude #1: "Hey bro, hit your dude back about that bomb 957."

Dude #2: "Chill! If I bug him he will make me wait longer."

Chick #1 "This is lame. I'll be in the bathroom picking my face."

See shit, dope, speed, poop, methamphetamine, tina


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