What is 96?


69 but backwards instead of giving each other oral pleasure u fart on each others heads.

Yo man that bitch 96'ed me so hard she left skid marks.


Variation of 69;

Lay back-to-back with your heads at opposite ends of the bed and masturbate.

"Doing a 96 i have more control than doing 69 :D"

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69 for the sexually dyslexic.

Jane and Jack are dyslexic, so they have 96 instead of 69.

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The exact opposite of 69 usually takes place after a failed 69 in which the couple turn and face opposite of each thus 96

Guy 1:Damn

Guy 2:Whats wrong?

Guy 1:My wife and I did 96 last night

Guy 2:Oh that sucks

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96 is similar to the 69 however, the woman will be in a Crab position instead of lying normaly.

96 Allows better deepthroat

See 69, crab, deepthroat, upside down, sexy


(n) a position where two people lie alongside each other facing opposite directions with their heads resting comfortably between their partner's butt cheeks

After performing 69, many sexual partners like to turn their backs and relax in a comfy 96, but this is ill-advised after eating Mexican food. The results may be grimm.


a crazy sexsual position that only double jointed people can achieve

mike "hey, I was with shaniqua when I realised we were both double jointed so we had a 96"

travis "what did that look like"

shaniqua "I have no idea"

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