What is 9999?


The max. amount of damage you can deal in FF6, and it sucks because you know your characters can deal more, but the game is capping you out to keep the Kefka alive.

"Locke swings with atma weapon and illumina--damage-9999"

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The Maximum amount of hitpoints you can have in a popular amount of games ( Such as Final Fantasy ). Also the maximum amount of damage you or an enemy can take in one turn or hit. Some games offer "Break Damage Limit" to deal well over 9999 hits of damage (Final Fantasy X)

Tidus Deals 9999 Points of Damage to Ultima Weapon

HP 9999 / 9999

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The most hitpoints and mana points you'll proabably ever have. That is, unless you hax!

Townsperson 1: I have 9999 hp.

Townsperson 2: Me too! We should hook up.

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