What is :(?


An emoticon depicting an unhappy or sad face.

I'm unhappy! :(



Main Entry - :(

Pronunciation :(

Function - Adjective

Inflected Form(s) - :'(; :__'( ; x(

Etymology: Middle English, From Old English =(, To Old High German U-u;; , From The Japanese -_-;;;


a)Affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness: Downcast

b) (1): Causing or association with losing in Tekken or unhappiness with ones ISP : Depressing (2) Regrettable, Deplorable (3) <He seemed sad today, he ":("-ed a lot -- Axel Andersson -01>

2) No raise in Kazham with HP at MH in Windurst (FFXI)

Adverb - :(

Noun - :(

See sad, depressed, unhappy, sulking


a really awesome band pronounced as "colon openbracket" who are new rave/electro/hardcore. haha. they are good

Dude, :( are so much better than Enter Shikari

See enter shikari, colon, open, hardcore


a depressed person that is going to commit suicide


See thebestguyonearth


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