What is :)?


v., also (:, text representation of a smiley salute, generally in a casual but respective manner. Chat programs (AOL, YIM, AIM, MSN) often display graphic smiley, so users of this term often use (:" instead.

Commander1: Obey me!

Follower1: Yes sir! ":)

Commander1: That's my good minion!

See (:", (:, :-(, :-), salute, smiley


a smiling face but not as happy as :D


Are you happY?

oh yeah!

See Sam


1. Emoticon for smiling. Typically it will automatically translate into a yellow icon.

2. The Wal-Mart mascot.

:) Rolling Back prices one item at a time!

See =), :-), (:


the two little ASCII characters that started the Emotiocon Revolution!

also the universal symbol for feeling happy, satisfied, etc.

John: so how waz ur day?

Tom: well, pretty lame til i bumped into dis chic, had sum drinks, and made sweet luvin:)


An emoticon people write at the end of insults to make it seem slightly kinder.

You're a fucking cunt! :)

See emoticon, ascii, smile, happy, face


Michael Jacksonsmiling. (no nose)

:) = look out, kids, Michael is in the town.


It's a cute smile you put at the end of and im or text just to make it look cute. This may also express you are happy.

see also:


1) OMG! I just got the cutest pair of shoes today! :)

2) Text: I got an A in algebra!

Reply: :)


: )




:))(can have multiple smiles)


See :), : ), :-), smiley


Emoticon indicating humor/sarcasm/"I'm joking"

I can't believe you said that! You are a SOB! :) Just kidding man! I love pulling your leg.

See humor, smile, joke, sarcasm, :-)


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