What is :):?


Emoticon created from :) and :( that defines the state of being "More or less" in this case pending for more or :(: when pending for less, Can also be used to express a state of Bipolar disorder.

<Ben> How are you today

<Jerry> :):

<Mark> What's wrong with you

<Spencer> :(:

See bipolar, more, or, less


It's a smiley with snakebites.

It can be used to show to someone that you have gotten snakebites or any other piercing for that matter.


{Josh} Guess what, man?

{Mike} What?

{Josh} :):

{Mike} Really dude?

Or it can be used to add a little spice to your smiley.


{Jessica} Wanna go to the party?

{Rebbecca} Yeah, OK. :):

See :), smiley, emotion, lol, random, new, piercing


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