What is :7?


:7 is the newest and hippest smiley on the block! Don't get caught using your outdated =), you want to be cool right? So use :7!

:7 is an all-purpose smiley! You can use :7 to denote happy and laughing as well as the rarely-used sad, angry, or any of the plethora of human emotions!

:7 is the intellectual, abstract, ambiguous smiley! Is it a guy smiling strangely? Is he smoking a pipe? Is he a bird? Who knows?!

:7 has been proven to attract ladies and make them want to have sex with you 84% more successfully than any other smiley in existance. Can you really afford to ignore these statistics?

:7 is fantastic, orgasmic, and CYTOPLASMIC! Start using it... today!

i just pissed in the sink! :7


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