What is :\?


an unsatisfied give-in

doesn't mean 'you're stupid'

jerk: i have to go

winner: :

winner: fine

See winner


An internet emoticon usually used to show confusion.

Person 1 "Dude that new virus totally fucks up your NTFS, re-writes the registry and copies itself into the system root!

Person 2 :


Smiley used to convey confusion, pity, etc.

dcolev: ever get so bored and hungry

dcolev: that you are eating out of a jar

Paul Reubens: I used to

dcolev: of penut butter

dcolev: really? :o

Paul Reubens: hold on

Paul Reubens: I used to

Paul Reubens: drink water

Paul Reubens: out of a bowl

Paul Reubens: using a fork

Paul Reubens: when I was bored

dcolev: :


A stupid little emoticon used by teeny boppers

Looks like it it


U r the coolezt roflzz

: ?

See larstait


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