What is :©­?


Internet emoticon for sticking out your tongue and blowing raspberry. However, ":©­" looks more authentic to how a person REALLY would stick their tongue out than ":p".

The symbol is from Old English and is called a "thorn". "©­" in and of itself is pronounced "th" as in "thing".

However, there is a letter difference when pronounced with a slight difference but with the same Modern English equivalent: ¨¢ as in "then". Lowercase is ©¢.

Used in the Icelandic languages, and maybe in the Scandinavian and Turkish languages.

To type "©­", press "Alt+0254".

Everything you can do I can do better! :©­

Haha, my emoticon is better than yours! :©­

It sure doesn't pay to be number 2! :©­


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