What is <#?


Roadkill heart. Meant to imply the torment and bitter anguish of extending love to a friend, only to have that love nastily snatched away, laid out on scorching concrete, run over by a Hummer (several times) until it becomes nothing but pulp-of-heart. With nice little tire marks for dramatic effect.

In rare instances, accidentally used as a typo of <3.

nemo: i <3 u!

other: aw <#

nemo: :*(

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Why its a waffle of course!

Person: I'm deppressed.....:{

me: awwwww *pets* want a waffle? <#

Person:*accepts the <#

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robot heart, instead of less than threewhich is a human heart.

"i <3 you" becomes "i <# you"

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The common typing error for the <3

I <# you! Oops I meant <3**

See Christie


An Explosion of love for somebody/thing.

<# my heart is exploding with love for you!


its a waffle heart

its what happens when you try to make a capital 3 at the end of your heart like this <3

i <3 you

i <# you too


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Common image for flowers.

Small child: Hello daddy.

Pedofilic father: <# now lets have teh sex.

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