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broken hearted

guy- i <3 u

girl- screw u

guy- </3

See wierdo


a heart split in half; broken heart

my heart is not <3...its </3

See heart, broken heart, love


showing the typer having a broken heart.

Joe broke up with me! </3

See <3, broken heart, sadness, depression


1)</3=hate where <3=love. Use in a lukewarm sence. Severity of "emotion" may vary depending on the user.

2)anti-heart. The opposite of the heart symbol.


guy: oh snap! PWNED!!!


girl: </3


guy: cry me a river :0).



guy: you know i </3 u rite?


girl: aww ur so mean. I hate you more!! <3


guy: =)

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a Broken Heart... </3

Guy... Sorry about the breakup... but u understand right? U gonna be okay?

Girl... No. </3

Guy... Ok then...

See broken, heart, less, than, symbol, slash, three


the time u know that u really love someone is the time when they fall in love with someone else

and you decide not to kick up a fuss, sometimes not to even tell them you have ever loved them

you just let them go

all you want is for them to be happy

and if that meens that they're with someone else, not you

so be it

you just let it be

and hope that that person loves them as much as you love them

and hope that that other person makes them happy for the rest of their lives

because u know that if they dont, it will hurt you

coz then you know that you could love them so much better

that u do love them so much more

and thats what breaks ur heart

because uno, no matter how much u love them, you cant have them

coz their feelings for you have never been there

so u never ever had a chance

so you just want them to be happy forever

even if it kills u in the process

it doesnt matter

as long as they r happpy


guy:i really love *insert name*

girl: aww she better love you back(secretly crying, whispers to herself: i love you so much baby </3)

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Stupid sign that emo kids on the web use to represent a feeling of being crushed, or having one's heart broken

The opposite of <3

Emo kid: Oh my god, he totally screwed me over

Friend: Are you okay??

Emo kid: No I'm </3

Friend: It's okay <333

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