What is <0?


1. The emoticon expressed when someone has surprised you by giving you love, sometimes shown as an astonished person in a hat with the addition of a colon: <:0

2. The act of giving no love when you have been given love but want to show that you don't want to give love back to them; you give them zero love.


Barry: Hey Carry I f@#king <3 you!!!

Carry: <:0 Yeah well I f@#king <6 you!!

Barry's Mind: Damn!..Beaten at love again...I must kill this one too.


Harry: Hey Carry I f@#king <3 you!!!

Carry: Yeah well sorry Harry but I <0 you...I <6 Barry..Hey Barry, whatchadoing with that knife?


See <6, <3, love, luv, <0


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