What is <2?


Almost as strong as love... but not quite.

Rose: I <3 you!

Ted: I <2 you

Rose: :'(

See <3, love, heart, luv, wuv


<2 is an erotic heart, known for having a boner. Similar to the regular heart viewed sideways, <3.

Boobs <2!

See <3, <2+1, erotic, <1, heart


To like someone, in the same manner as <3.

If, <3 = love, then <2 = like

See love, like, <1, <2, <3


to love; similar to "<3"

Kevin: ok well ill talk to you later babe <2

Eve: how does <2 work?

Eve: silly person

Kevin: because whats less than 2?

Kevin: 1

Kevin: and youre my number 1.

See <3, luv, love, heart, you


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