What is <4?


Originally a typo of the commonly used emoticon <3, <4 is now used to convey a love so great that <3 simply cannot explain it.

Person 1: I love you. <3

Person 2: I love you MORE! <4

Person 1: :: Giggles and hugs. ::


Used to say some quantity is less than four.

Some people believe "<4" is stronger than "<3". This is simply false - it is in fact the other way round. Clearly any number less than three must also be less than four whereas there are some numbers which are less than four but aren't less than three - this makes "<3" the stronger statement of the two.

3.9999<4, -6<4, 2<4, 0<4 are all correct statements, whereas 4<4, 5<4, 6.434<4 are all examples of false statements.

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Originally coined in 2004 by one Michael John Keegan, <4 was created to be a play on the ever-popular internet code for love, <3. It has since become a fad, thought by many to have originated as a typo rather than an entity all its own, and has been reabsorbed into the tween culture that prompted its creation.

Phrases utilizing <4 require unusually hammy dialogue; e.g., OMG I <4 U.


1.Less Than Four, a kick ass techno rap group from marlton, NJ. all there songs are made on NKM's Mac.

2. <4 is to show love much greater than <3.

1. "yo did you hear that new band Less than Four?"

2. "i <4 you!"

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better than <3 becuz lilaksdlkas omg lolz i like to eat pizza

i <4 you so much laydee



i <3 j00

me: oh noez j00 dont luv meh i hatez j00

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