What is =)?


Ignore previous entry, it's the best smilie around.

Normal guy 1: "OMGOMGOGM I JSUT WON A GMAE IN WC3!!!11oneone"

Normal guy 2: "w00t =)"


Faces used on the net, emails, chat rooms, instant messagers, and more..


=| -right..

=) - yay

=( - nooo...

=0 - what?

=o - really?

=O - WHAT?!

=x - kitty faced

=3 - smiley kitty

=} - grinch faced

=I - i dunno..

=+ - me?

=D - I'm happy!

=S - huh?

=# - Secrete!

=*| - Crying

=E - Evil

=> - heh?

=< - nuu..


= - what ever..

=V - Gabber




Anime version of :) i.e. its more cute

:) is for noobs. =) ftw

See floppy


It's the Asian equivalent of :)

The only people who use is are asians, and it's a representation of their eyes :tooth:

Non-Asian: You fine girl

Asian Girl: =)

See smileys, aim, asian, smiley face, sad face


i luv u i luv u i luv u i luv u i luv u

alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot


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