What is =^_^=?


A cat themed variation on a happy face (usually ^_^). The equal sign indicates whiskers.

Yay, James finally dumped that skanky ho Melissa, now he'll stop being a douche! =^_^=

See Lucas


A happy face with a blush to it.

You are a very beautiful girl you know?

Aww, thankies! =^_^=

See blush, happy, face, emoicon, cute


1.When your on the internet talking with some hot bitch sometimes she'll be all =^_^= And I'm like. I jus wanna shove my dick in you bitch!

2.If a guy makes this symbol sometimes it means he's wanking off secretly.

1."So what you wearin girl?"


"Bitch shut yo skank ass up!"

2."Hey brotha!"


"Oh you be on some other shit!"


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