What is =_=?


A smiley derived from anime. Use to define exhaustion, or age.

Uhh... I'm tired. =_=


An annoyed face often used in chat. Similar to -_- but a little more annoyed. More of a squint, or glare.

Person 1: lol you suck!

Person 2: .... =_= shut up

See annoyed, smiley, ==, =.=, =-=



Used by asians to represent old people. Older looking asians, hence the wrinkles. Is very leet smiley.


If the "=" signs on this emoticon are red, it indicates that the person using this emoticon is stoned.

Hey brosef, what's up?

=_= (with red ='s)

Mang, ima come over and hit dat shit.

See =_=, high, weed, stoned, emoticon, Jelf


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