What is >$.$>?


A Greedy little Kirby

Look At This New(>$.$)>$600 Bill <($.$<)

See pink, green, kilt, plaid, vest, puke, ugly, combo, lenny, carl, peter, moe, joe, fred, jim, brandi, roses, flys, golf, golfing, dell, gay, gross, lol, haha, money, cnn, nerds, jocks, greasers, bullys, teachers, student, gum, xxx, porn, naked, sex, bestiality, power, send, online, pc, mac, standby, news, olympics, twin towers, 9/11, webkins, vagina, pussy, dick, cock, wendys, lasso, lampshade, party, drunk, milk, bitch, fuck, bastard, asshole, motherfucker, dog, animal, cat, humping, bag, santa, bart, homer, lisa, marge, maggie, lois, brian, chris, stewie, meg, krusty, sea captain, mouse, raven, gun, pistol, shotgun, computer screen, wii, ps3, ps2, xbox, xbox 360, atari, sega, dreamcast


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