What is >_>?


1. A sideway glare. Used with <_< depending on which direction.

2. Shifty look. It's similar to the look you get when you swipe something and are checking to see if no one saw you.

1. Person #1: Can I borrow your car?

Person #2: No. >_>

Person #1: What? Why not?

Person #2: Because you crashed it last time.

2. *swipes wallet* >_>...*runs*

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An emoticon used on Message Boards indicating sarcasm or foolishness. Frequently used in conjunction with <_<

RandomUser101: omg liek iz aye smrt??

CynicalSarcasmo: Yes, very.




an emoticon; eyes looking to the side in shame, embarrassment, or is disturbed.

Person 1: I just ate 13 pizzas!

Person 2: >_>

Person 1: Did I really just email my boss saying I made out with his wife? >_>

Person 2: Yes...


Person 2: >_>

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An annoying internet emoticon people use instead of stating how much of a dumbass they think you are, often stating how much of a hypocrite they are. Also used as <_<

"who cares >_>"


"whats a hippocrite >_>"

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What users have to use in place of >_< or <_< on sites with really crummy filters that perceive said smilies as HTML errors.

User #1: I wish this site had better filtering. >_>

User #2: yeah >_____> i hear ya

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Normally, used when there is nothing left to say. Also, it can mean something dirty.

AidenRox: >_>

James: ... What? o_o

AidenRox: I just had sex with your mom.

AidenRox: >_>

James: WTF?!

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a online face, commonly used in IM. It is like a glare face, it can be >_> or <_< depending on what direction you are looking in. People usually use this when they are mad. it is suppose to look like you are narrowing your eyes and glaring at the person because you are mad at them.

Bill: Shut up!

Pearl: no >_>

Bill: Can I borrow some money?

Pearl: No >_>

Bill: Wanna hug?

Pearl: NO >_>

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