What is @@?


this is a monkey....> @(';')@


Jess: Hey.

Bob: Hey, @(';')@

Jess: Cute monkey.

Bob: Thanks

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its a monkey . duh!!!

~psst~ look up boobies, great definition.

u look like a @('.')@


Its a monkey....i guess you can use it for webspeak or something

if you still dont get it your a dumbass @(*_*)@

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1. Monkey Symbol used in most of Jack Muz. Original Works

Me: Whatz your fav animal?

Someone: The bat! Yours?

Me: Teh Monkey! @(-.-)@

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monkey @(^.^)@

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a koala made up of symbals on the computer or txt.

@(^0^)@ koala <:3))~ mouse :) :( :0 =) =( =0 =D :D

~o()> icecream

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An MSN emote that is extremely overused by Sarcastic people.

Person 1: I just found out i got Cancer.

Person 2: Orly @@.

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