What is @_@?


1. In awe of something. Hypnotized.

2. Dizzy; disoriented.

Person: Did you see the new episode?! @_@

Person: @_@ I so love him.


Emoticon used to display a "dizzy" effect. Used when one feels "high" or confused.

Bob: I sold my soul for a ham and cheese sammich.

Joe: @_@


To be dazed, usually used in online roleplay on a chat and/or a MMORPG

Nachos365: @_@ holy crap im so dizzy

See @_@, o_o, x_x, -_-'


THe smilie that was invented and copyrighted by KillaKippa of Bulletproof clan.

I like pie @_@, OMG @_@, Pwnt @_@

See smilies, smile, happy


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