What is /?


a man with his arms in the air, being rather happy.

imperium: omg, hawkeye just totally pwned me

hawkeye: / owned ;)

See ¬_¬


Ancient hieroglyphic meaning I hump goats. Also used to signify that you are a huge faggy nerd prone to world of warcraft, Star Trek, and not being able to pick a vagina out of a lineup.

Person 1: / / /!

Person 2: Really? I hump goats as well. Say, you ever hear about one of them there vaginas? Me either.

See warcraft, star trek, vagina, nerd, goat


Praise the Lord. The arms in the air, over the head.

Wut's up with all da / 's ? Am I in Christian Chat?

See glory, hallelujah


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