What is \//?


an emote that takes too long to type but looks nicer then =). Usually used by asians, anime freaks, and gamers to denote extream happiness.

So happy that You are cheering with arms in air.

<Gamer1> w00t, level 50!

<Gamer2> \(^.^)// yay!!


The symbolic version of "peace". Generally used as a send off in txting and/or im'ing.

Joe: I g2g pwn some noobs in cs.

Bob: Ok Joe, \//

See peace, goodbye, later, piece, ttyl


A Text Based version of the Vulcan Salute from Star Trek, meaning "Live Long, and Prosper."

Person 1: Hey Steve

Steve: Hey man \//

See star trek, spock, live long and prosper, tos, tng


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