What is ^-^?


*The* happy emoticon for anime fans.

(Note: It is unacceptable to use this particular emoticon unless you are:

1: being ironic

2: an anime fan

3: a Japanese female under the age of fourteen)

AZNGrrl3952: I got such a special Hello Kitty bag I got today! (^-^)

ILuvJapan693248: lolol (^-^)


A cute little internet face. The people who use it include, though are certainly -not- limited to, anime fans, furries, fan boys, fan girls, and azns. It's fun to use during conversations & informal roleplays.

Common variations include: ^-^, ^.^ and ^..^

"Yay! I just won the federal election! ^_^" or "I hate you. ^_^"


A stupid 'smiley' used by japanese obsessed westerners over the internet

If this stupid fucking face was a person, I'd kick it in the back of the head

See batman


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