What is ^3^?


Kissy face, usually when you want to smooch someone.

Me: I wanna kiss you James! ^3^

James: Hehehehe! (Gives you a kiss)

Me: *Kiss kiss kiss KISS!* Is my Jam Jams happy?

James: Mmmhmm! ^^


1. A smiley face, meaning you are happy, but it is more than ":)" or ":D"

Similar to o3o, but more cheerful. The "^^"s depict closed eyes and the "3" depicts puckered lips.

2. A smiley face meaning you are impressed.

3. A smiley face meaning you want to kiss someone.

1. Thanks for the friend invite ^3^

2. Wow, you showed that idiot who's boss. I'm so looking up to you now ^3^

3. Gimme some lovin baby ^3^

See ^3^, o3o, w00t, :), :d, forthewin


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