What is (0////012?


As an anomalous branch of the human generation, a (0////012 has a freakishly large head(similar to the cartoon character Jimmy Neutron). They can usually be located along any beach coast, since the salt from ocean water tends to attract them. These type of humans also think that they are really cool for creating "1337" or better known as "leet." Do not leave your food unattended if a (0////012 is present because they will, without a doubt, gobble it all. " You won't even know it was a (0////012 that ate it because they tend to sneakily attack and suck food up like a vacuum. If one is about to attack you, throw an apple at it. This will instantly distract it because of their major fondness of apples. If you really want to please a (0////12, buy and surprise them with a bag of skittles.

Ahhh! Did you see that?!? A (0////012 just ate my 100% angus beef hamburger!

See burger, apple, skittle, leet, head


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