What is };)>?


This is the symbol of Ro Kohli AKA THE BROWNSATAN. The brackets represent the horns, the wink and smile represent the propensity for fun and mischief and the greater than sign is the BrownSatan's long goatee.

It is used to denote the BrownSatan's signature. It's also used to abbreviate the BrownSatan's name.

The BrownSatan was the creator and head of the most prolific heavy metal street team called the Roadrunner Records Road Crew from 2000 to 2003.

After a several year hiatus, the BrownSatan is now leading a new street team company called War Machine Marketing. The War Machine will CRUSH!!!

Dude, I just spoke with };)> and he's hooking me up with that Slayer show!!

Thanks for all your help! Sincerely,



See ro, street team, war machine


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