What is (:?


Its a monkey. And they told me that i needed to have at least 20 letters, so im filling space.

x: (:(|)

y: Its a monkey.

See Beanchan


a face of excitment, wonder, and amazement ALL IN ONE!


A UNIBROW!!!!!!!! (:()!!!

person#1: U are CRAZY!

person#2: (:()

Person#1: I KILLED 3210483094 PEOPLE ON CS LAST NIGHT!! (:()!!!!

person#1: duuddde look at my picture, its soo kewl!!

*shows picture* (and its an amazing picture)

person#2: omg!!!! (:()!

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I think he is trying to say this.

(: is the opposite of ): because happy/sad, you know the drill. But (: is also the opposite of :) because it is a mirror image. Substituting the word happy for a smiley face and the word sad for a frowny face, we get the following logical equations:'

Happy is the opposite of sad.

Happy is the opposite of happy.

Pretty far out huh? Yeah yeah I know what you are thinking, "but that can't possibly be true?!" But if you are still reading this definition then by now you must think I'm pretty smart or at least am on to something, which I'm not. But I can certainly pretend like I am. If the above equations are true than the whole world is turned upside down! Emotions have no identity! What the hell? Holy camoley this is ridiculous what are we going to do the world is falling to shit

(: that's the way uh huh uh huh i like it uh huh uh huh


A happy face (smilie) in the other direction used to avoid auto-smilies in forums/IMs

that was pretty cool (:


this is the definitively correct way to type a "smilie" if you're from one of those wild and crazy countries that reads from right to left, right?

(: ... insert educated guess of an example of, umm, arabic?

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actually, :) and (: are not opposites. They are just reciprocals. Therefore:

:) X (: = 1

:( X ): = 1

1/2 X 2/1 =1

1/4 X 4/1 =1

:) X (: = 1

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A smilie facie for those of us who just can't stand the :) face.

D'awww (:


This is a happy face, if you've never noticed.. See?

People often use this face while socialising by internet or cellphone.

This face is used when people are happy.


Socialiser 1: I am soooo happy ! (:

Socialiser 2: I can tell, you even added a smiley!!

Socialiser 1: Yes, that smiley proves how HAPPY I am (:

Socialiser 1: Gee, that sure makes me happy ! (:

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A smile used by teenage girls who are being cute. A :) can also be used, but the backwards "(:" can distinguish a girl from a boy.

guy: "Hey babe, what's up? :)"

girl: "Not much. hbu, hun? (:"

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