¡no Me Digas!

What is ¡no Me Digas!?


ya don´t say! Most often used to express surprise or shock.

Hey, guess what! Jamie´s got one in the oven...

¡no me digas!


IT MEANS OH MY GOSH!! HHAHAHA MY FAVORITE WORD...NO ME DIGAS...used when evan feringa is around to respond with YO TAMBIEN!!!

"Hey Evan whats up?"

"O nothing much.."

"Ya so anyway wha...NO ME DIGAS!"



A song written by TJ Jarema and Evan Feringa..Most Popular and Most Outstanding!

"No Me digas.."

"Yo tambien"

"No Me digas.."

"Yo tambien"

"No Me digas.."

"Yo tambien"

"Yo tambien, Yo tambien"....


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