What is £?


Pound/Quid symbol–

The symbol for the UK's currency– Pounds (Sterling)—NOT AN F, but is derived from the capital letter L, from the Latin word, libra, meaning pound, which is also where the abreviation ‘lb.’(‹L›i‹B›ra) comes from. Now £1=100p(pence), however, before 1971, £1 = 20s.(shillings) 1s. = 12d.(d.=old abbreaviation of pence), & (for those who don't like math) £1=240d..

Clerk: That will be £15.21.


Pounds Sterling. The currency used in Great Britain (the UK). better colour than the dollar, but it's got uglier pictures on it (some queen or something)

"Would you like a pound?"

"er... Sure"



Unfortunatley, it as more value than our American dollar now.

Within the next thirty years, China will own America... we use China for it's cheapo labor, nearly a third of our national debt is toward China, those stupid debt reduction companies... get thier money from China, only adding more debt toward China, on which tose companies pay interest. Word of the wise: STOP THE SWEATSHOPS IN CHINA, LET PPL IN DEBT DEAL WITH IT THEIR OWN WAY BUT DON"T ENDANGER OUR COUNTRY, STOP BEING GAY AND JUST SPEND LESS THAN WE TAKE IN ON TAXES EACH YEAR AND PAY ALL THAT DAMN $$$ BACK ASS HOLES... I'm a Bush supporter but I don;t care I think all our presidents have been stupid-shit... we need someone in office who WON'T give tax-cuts and other dumb shit that puts us in more debt... c'mon guys! GET SMART! DAMNIT!


Geto "F" that the British use to insult people who don't know that it stands for "F"

Brit: That'll be £20.

Yank: Thanks

Brit: lol. fuck you!


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