What is ¬¬?


1. A pair of shifty eyes.

2. Guns for kirby

1. *Agrees* ¬¬

2. ¬<(' '¬<)


General Forumism:

To indicate the usage of subtle sarcasm, showing that the preceeding sentance(s) should be taken lightly or jokingly.

Often preceeded by "Chandlerisms" or "DrCoxes" to emphasise the sarcastic tone.

"Could this news BE any older ¬¬"


"Oh rheally. becauwse i thought you were... infact... telling... the truth ¬¬"

See sarcasm, shifty, sarcastic, joking


It means that it's typical for someone to do or say something.

Adam: YO YO YO! I love anime!

John: ¬¬

Adam: I DO!

See John


1) When you don't give a damn about that specific talk.

2) When you don't believe anything about something.

Dave: Hey i can rope pretty good in AF1

Wind: ¬¬

Dave: No, really!

See sarcasm, sarcastic, joking, teasing


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