What is ±?


A symbol meaning "plus or minus" (or "give or take"), ± is used to denote the uncertainty in the value of a figure. It is primarily used in Physics experiments to account for any inaccuracy in the measuring/readings and any random errors that can occur which may affect the results obtained. However, it is also used in Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Mathematics and pretty much anythingwhere numbers and/or experimentation are used.

The symbol can be typed on a keyboard by pressing alt+753

(1.65 ± 0.05)m

(500 ± 5)mg/dose C9H8O4 was administered to patient X

See plus, minus, give, take, error, maths, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, science, engineering, academia, Necroyeti


a plus sign with a line under it.

alt+753 a plus with a line inder it motherfucker


this is a symbol used in maths to mean plus or minus

x = ± 78²-y

(not actual equation)

See -, +, algebra, alt codes


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