What is ænima?


Tool's 3rd Album. Also their best.

A mix between the words Enema which is where they inject liquid into your anus to clean out your bowels, and Anima which means the innerself of a person; the soul.

So put those two together and you get Ænima: The cleansing of your soul.

Ænima is my all time favorite album.


Ænima is a spiritual term meaning an Atlantis type cataclysm, meaning land sinking underneath water. The inside cover (where the CD sits) has a holograph of California sinking beneath the ocean, thus Ænima. The lyrics in the song suggest, “Your ass is going to be swimming in Arizona Bay”. Another contribute to the correct definition.

And for the opinion that the Ænima album is the best one, all Tool albums are great, each one is changed just a little bit, makes them worth listening too!

God damn, the land is sinking, must be time for some Ænima

See Slim Jim


Tool's 2nd full lenght album; not to be confused with Ænema

Ænima is the greatest album ever made


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