What is øystein?


A common Norwegian name. Come from the old norse word Eystein - meaning lucky stone

Hei, jeg heter Øystein.

Hello, my name is Øystein.

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Norwegian slang for someone whose actions and preferances go against all logical explanation and common sense. It may also apply to people who sport hypocritical actions.

1: "Kanwulf is seriously the truest man ever!" "Shut up, Øystein!"

2: "I thought you hated corporate record-stores?" "Oh, but they're so cheap!" "You Øystein!"

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Mental hypocrite wart that tumbled onto earth surface. Should be removed by poisning or iced away with nitrogen.

> oh my God I got an Øystein!!

> poor you, here is an antidot.

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Have you seen the Øystein on Øybuen?

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