What is ¦?


A key on the almost extreme top-left of a QWERTY keyboard; the 'lonliest key in the world'.

Criminally under-used, this key feels sad that it's not featured as eyes on emotes, and is jealous of Squinty, ( :] ), and Bulgy ( 8] ).

Equal rights for Liney, I say! ¦) ¦) ¦) FTW!

"AltGr with second row, first key! Remember it!"

masta_b8z: hiyaz wuu2

constipate_ed: nm ¦p

masta_b8z: huh? u meen :p

constipate_ed: FACIST! FREEDOM 4 ¦ !!!

See ;, :, ., ?, !


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