What is ©?


symbol for copyrighted

Im gettin onta napster to steal some © shit!


© = Copyright

Used to protect authors and sites from non authorized actions for their works/jobs.

Normally used at the end of a website or to give credits.

To make this 'symbol' people normally copy and paste, but if Windows is used, to make it press ALT + 0169 (Note: Numpad numbers, not the above of the letters! It wont work if you don't use number pad).

E.g. 1 - Urban Dictionary ©1999-2009

E.g. 2 - Gregory: Hey, I've made this Counter-Strikemod!

Josh: Cool, but, you maid all?

Gregory: Well, these are the credits; Images by © Gregory H. | Sounds by © 2009 Valve Corporation, all rights reserved. Valve, the Valve logo, Half-Life, the Half-Life logo, the Lambda logo, Steam, the Steam logo, Team Fortress, the Team Fortress logo, Opposing Force, Day of Defeat, the Day of Defeat logo, Counter-Strike, the Counter-Strike logo, Source, the Source logo, Valve Source and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation. (Greg pauses...)

Gregory: So, get it?

Josh; Yeah, I'll never copy Valve logo...

See ©, ®, tm, copyright, protection, author


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