What is ø?


This is the 28th letter of the Norwegian Alphabet. Contrary to popular belief the letter ø is NOT diphthong, however it is another way to write the vowel combination "oe"

The Norwegian letter 'ø' sounds similar to the 'u' soubd in the English word "hurt."

See lisa


A scandinavian letter that pwns all you non-scandinavians.

Det gør dig til grin ikke at kunne lave det her tegn ø


Ø is a norwegian, danish and swedish sign. Ø/ø Ö/ö Ø=OE

Æ have a strange sound there no one can say if they not are scandinavic



Æ e trønder æ, å hærregud så tøff ø e!


A Scandinavian letter, used to represent the empty set in mathematics.

|ø| = 0 (the cardinality of the empty setis zero).

See set, mathematics, math, empty set


An O with a stroke through it used in Danish. It looks cool, but unfortunately is not used in English. What a pity.

Ø is cool, but Þ and ß are much cooler.


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