What is ødelagt?


The word "ødelagt" means that something, or somewhere a area or place is layed to waste.

But, it can also mean "Fucked up"

The word "ødelagt" is a Norwegian word, and if you split it into two words you get "øde" and "lagt"

Øde = Waste

(ødeland= Wasteland.)

Lagt = put/placed

(He has "lagt" the book on the shelf = He placed the book on the shelf / Put the book back in the shelf.)

The ruins of Chernobyl is a place you can call "ødelagt", because its desertet, and it's waste.

A person you can call "ødelagt" is a person that when going out, he or she will probably get drunk enough to do crazy shit like; paint oneself with warpaint, empty an ashtray over his/her own head. Then try to steal every alcoholic beverage that's available.

But in short, someone who is "ødelagt" is a fucked up person. Example; Joakim Ødelagt ( Facebook )

See destroyed, trashed, waste, chernobyl


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