What is **?


** Is similar to *, as it denotes a correction in online conversation, but ** means you have added the text to the last line.

Peggy: I hate you!

Tommy: :O!

Peggy: Err... Sometimes.**

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Used while texting to promote an action. Usually contains a verb or action word. Used without the "()" parentheses.

Sam: "My dog just died."

Mark: "Ah, Sam, I feel so bad for you. He was your best friend. *sniffle*"

Sam: "I'm gonna go cry over his grave now. *cry*"

Note: parentheses are not not used;

-Wrong: *()*

-Right: **

See action, verb, **, *()*, word


They are tomatoes.

(wtf did you think it was you sick sick pervert)


perky boobies...used in chat rooms by horny white 30 year old bastards who cant look at porn because they live with their mom...


I saw these boobies like this (*)(*) once dawg!!!


ummm..no but i drew boobies like that once...

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