What is +1?


1.) A post in a forum/message board that indicates the person agrees with a previous or quoted reply to a thread.

2.) Shorthand for "My thoughts exactly" or "me too".

Joe posts: "slangdefine is a great site for learning forum speak."

Floe responds: "+1"

See Joe Mama


Used by forum posters when a person agrees with a point. Sometimes used incorrectly when referring to one's postcount going up.

slangdefine is a useful website


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A term used by D&D role-playing geeks to indicate that something is better than the standard variant. It often bleeds into online chat and forum posts.

1. OMG this Nokia 6800 is so cool, it's like a +1 Cell phone or someothing.

2. I came so fast, that must be a +1 dildo


Adding (usually) invisible points to someone's hilarity score. Usually when a sarcastic, but hilarious, comment is posted.

Poster 1: "in related news, the homeless guy that hangs out down the street from my office just announced children are in danger from bugs that will crawl in their ears and "infect them with the debbil.""

Poster 2: "+1!"

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In math class, when writing -1 and then realizing the answer is positive 1 so you draw a line through the minus sign and it looks like you are retarded.

teacher: So as you can see the answer becomes -1...

*students write -1*

teacher: ...but since it's a negative times a negative it becomes a positive 1.

*student make their -1 a +1*

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Your Significant Other, Date, Wife, Hetero-Life-Mate, etc.

The person that goes along with you to events, or just accompanies you through something like a night out or the rest of your life.

From invitations and guest lists, ie. Gary Applebottom +1.

"i don't have a +1 for tonight..."

"sorry, couples only - put an ad on craigslist"

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+1 is the least-disguised form of spamknown to man. Some better disguised spams are threads such as 'What are you listening to? and 2, 3, amd 4 letter word threads.

In moderation it can be funny but be warned: Excessivew use on your forum/s can result in your post-count being cut, or a tempory (or even permanant) ban put in place. +1 should only be used once or twice on any one forum as it is only funny for so long.

guy1: I have a Q ect ect (posted at 1:00)

guy2: here's your A. blah blah(Posted at 1:12)

spamguy: +1.(Posted at 1:13)

(Thread is locked with +1 still visible ot the world. People snicker briefly at the forum whore).

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