What is +2?



1) Used to refer to a woman's acquisition of fake mammory glands, which are at least 2 cup sizes larger than the cup size she previously maintained.

1) Holy S%$#t! Where did she score those +2s?

2) Her +2s dont make up for the fact that she's dead behind the eyes.

3) Because she has +2s she has never had to pay for an alcoholic beverage.

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The +2 factor refers to the impact a breast augmentation has on a woman's rating on a scale from 1 to 10.

For instance: A plain looking woman who registers as a 5 on the scale before surgery will become a 7 after surgery, hence going from plain to attractive.

This procedure can backfire if performed improperly. Improperly placed implants can result in a refund gapif placed too far apart, or a uniboobif placed too close together. The goal in placing breast implants is to enlarge the bustline in a manner that enhances a woman's sex appeal.

She was cute, but now that she has +2's I'd like to motorboat her tits and place my phallus between them, given the opportunity.

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+2 can also be used as + 3 or any other number, and is used as a joke refering to mostly Role-Playing Games, or RPGs itself. In RPGs a Player can obtain items that add bonuses to stats the player has. So if the player has a weapon, lets say a sword, it can be known as a +5 Sword, adding 5 to the stats it is reffering to (+5). On a more real scale it is mostly used in real world items for either playing around, or if your a real 1337 you might be serious about it.

Online Example: Hey DragonSlayer1987, is that a new sword I see?

Yes, thank you for noticing. I was killing Backwards Demons and this dropped. Its a +2 Bastard Sword.

Real Life Example: Hey Jerry how was your blind date?

It was going well, she was pretty and all but it quickly ended when I asked her if she wanted to see my +2 Flail.

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