What is +44?


One of the best bands ever, even though alot of people don't know them yet -tear-. Song's Like "When Your HEart Stops Beating" and others rock like crazy.

Nick: Damn, that's some great music.

Alex: Tell me about it. It's (+44)

Nick: I love them!

Alex: So should everybody.

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A Punk Rock Band Featuring Mark Hoppus(Ex:Blink-182), Travis Barker (Ex:Blink-182,Transplants And Boxcar Racer), Shane Gallagher (Ex-The Nervous Return) And Craig Fairbaugh (Ex-Transplants)rol Heller Was One Of The Guitarists In The Band And Even Recorded Vocals That You Can Find On The Song ''Make You Smile'' But Left In The Middle Of The Recording Proccess.She Was Replaced By Craig.

+44 Started Out With Their Single ''When Your Heart Stops Beating'' Out From The Album With The Same Name Released In Late 2006.

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+44 is part of the number people in Britain have to dial on their phones. Mark and Travis put it there because they've always thought Britain was a pretty cool place.

eg. +44 (0)5555 55 5555

(british phone number)

cool person 1: plus 44 is aweasome

cool person 2: yes, yes they are..but mostly mark and travis

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