What is ,?


its a little face there see

i like chips and cheese (,)


Pierced nipples...

Erm, how am i going to "examplify" this?

See LordBlunkey


The comma is a useful device for breaking up sentences into smaller parts sadly lacking from lots of the stuff you see on the internet due to the shocking standards of education in the modern world kids eh?

For example, booty becomes booty.

See Baz


A fucking comma, stupid. When you're reading aloud, it helps to have these so every now and then you can stop to breathe.

What, you don't know the meaning of the word "breathe"?

See such, they, to, who, you


Basically, after someone says something completely retarded, you simply type "," It is meant to represent you actually rubbing your penis and or vagina on the screen at the retarded comment.

<mic> - "DOOD, lezzel wizlle ozzle azzle kizzel!"

<me> - ","


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