What is --;?


Also known as HAMMER

It is a simple dash dash semi-colon. No shift or modifier keys (nerd term). No imagination needed.

--; encompasses all things. all numbers converge to --; especially what we like to call 'linear numbers,' like 1 and 2, that don't converge at all in normal situations. they are drawn more powerfully to convergence by the hammer

One who is part of the hammer revolution is PROHAMMERand opposite would be ANTIHAMMER. You do not want to be ANTIHAMMER.

gamer 1: headshot!!! pwned!!!

gamer 2: wat?

gamer 1: i mean... --;

gamer 2: fuck yea. rock on.


This is just a cool symbol for a hammer. It's actually really neat in some fonts, because the resemblance to a stereotypical hammer shape is quite amazing. A certain aj nels0na is the one who deserves credit for this one- way2go!

I'll tell yah how to keep that baby quiet~ --;


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