What is #420?


#420 is the greatest IRC channel ever. Popular topics are weed, food and smoking devices. #420 is home to the legendary bongcast.

#420 <@ranunculoid> i cant feel my face

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Gamesnet (Now Gamesurge)'s famous channel for pot smoking culture, sessions, and discussions of many different topics, including religion, politics, and what Sabb put in his asshole the previous night. Founded in 1997, it still exists to this day with many users idling and chiefing it up. No selling/trading of any sort is condoned; just partaking of herbal refreshment. *tokes*

Join #420 for all your marijuana needs! Just don't be a douchebag.

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#420 is by far the best IRC channel on the internet. Chat includes, but is not limited to, weed, beer and food.

#420: <+Ches> I am so confused now...

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