What is ..?


The external portion of the human female mammary glands. aka "breasts"

If you give me a ride home I'll show you my (.)(.)!


Olives, eyes or tits

(.)(.) are my fave veggies

You have nice coloured (.)(.)

Wow your (.)(.) are massive!

See izzy


What some people use on the computer to represent hooters.

A lot of men like (.)(.)


a female's boobs or chest.

damn! that girls got nice tits (.)(.)!

See tits, boob, boobs, breast, chest


used to denote a clause within an actual sentence (or sometimes inbetween what some would consider as othrewise *two* seperate sentences, though are one due to its '..'-connection) for a briefer amount of time than a full ellipsis( , ...) denotes(example1). Also used sometimes before a question-mark{?} when what the someone is saying seems to be trailing-offso-to-speak, though can be substitued by ...(example2).


Ilike youalot..almost as much as I enjoy food, sex, money, and lifeitself.


Joey, yoo-hoo!! ... Ohh, Joeeeeey, where did you go..??


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