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See jitch, bastard, drink, alcohol, death, dead, cola, coke, jagermeister, jager, vodka, red bull, kick, drunk, hang over, passed out, wankered


jewish bitch. Jewish meaning stingy or just big-nosed. Bitch meaning "someone's bitch" or someone who's in a bad mood.

Dude, you owe me for that money you borrowed, you fucking jitch!


Long silence, often used in response to a stupid question.

Ice: Why haven't my balls dropped yet?

Joe: ...

See Ebola


Also known as an ellipsis, usually used to represent a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction but not necessary for understanding.

1) Often used at the end of a written sentence to denote trailing off See Yada Yada Yada

2) Used in response to a (written) incomprehensible statement or a rhetorical question

1) There once was a man from Nantucket...

2) "I found a moonrock in my nose!"



Mainly used in chat rooms or forums, in response to a sentence or phrase which cannot be replied to in any other way because it is incredibly stupid or strange.

IneedaGF: "I sniff my grandma's panties and wear her bra!"

GlitterBabe: "...!?"

KingOfTheDamned: "..."

Chaos: "!...!"

DarknessAngel: "WHAT!? ..."

Matt999: "!?..."

AfroPimp2004: "WTF YO ..."

n00b4eva: "lol".


triple dot of awkwardness

used in texting

a way to say that you're not really sure, or lets just not talk about it

guy- do you want to go out on friday?

girl- sure...

See relationships, punctuation, girls, dating, texting


Dot dot dot... silence...

crickets: *chirp chirp* ...

See liz


1) Puncuation used to show a trailing thought.

2) Used to denote a contemplative or mocking silence.

3) Sometimes used by people with no knowledge of English to end every sentence or thought.

1) So I was going to go to the store, but, you know, Mark was going to be there, so...


*SomeGuy* Dude, since wrinkles in your brain make you smart, if we just squished our brains more, we'd all have super IQs!!

*OtherGuy* ...

3) Dude... since wrinkles in your brain make you smart... we could beat any enemy... by taking their brains... and taking away the wrinkles...

See period, question mark, exclamation point, parenthesis


Signals the voice trailing off.

I'll see you tomorrow...


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