What is .30-30?


An old 30 caliber rifle cartridge. It's most at home in a lever-action carbine, such as the Winchester 94 or the Marlin 336. It has been the most popular deer cartridge for over 100 years. It's also good for javalina and black bear. The carbines hold 7 shots, and are fast and accurate.

Here is something amazing: Putrid limp-wristed liberals have nothing bad to say about these .30-30 carbines, because these guns are primarily hunting rifles, and all good liberals pretend that the Second Amendment is all about hunting. Have you ever heard a pansy-ass liberal whine that the AK47 is no good for hunting, so it should be banned? Liberals do not talk that way about .30-30 rifles. So you can buy a few and keep them around the house without offending Quean Hillary, Senaturd Kennedy, or Senaturd Dianne Fartstain. (I wonder where liberals get the idea that you can't go hunting with an AK47. They all say this like they've all gone hunting with AK47s, and know this from experience.)

Lever-action .30-30 carbines are also excellent for hunting urban game. You can blow away bloods, slobs, and Pachuco boys at 300 feet with the standard iron sights. At that range, you needn't fear slobs shooting back at you. They can't hit you at that range because they hold their guns on their sides.

Over ten million lever-action .30-30 carbines are in homes of fine, decent people across the USA. Just think: if these fine, decent people rose up to protest the existance of Pachuco Boys, slobs, and Bloods, they could clean up our cities in 3 days.

Be a fine, decent person. Buy a lever-action .30-30 today. Encourage your friends and neighbors to get one too. Together, you can go hunting for slobs, Bloods, and greasy-haired Pachucos and clean up America for decent people.

See a Pachuco loitering outside the burger joint? Blast him with your .30-30! That's one greaser who will never loiter again!

Do you have a half-dozen Bloods hanging out on the corner flashing idiotic dumb-ass signs with their fingers? Blast each one with your .30-30 and you'll still have one bullet left in the tube, in case you meet a Pachuco boy on the way home!

Have the slob-ass Crips opened another crack house in your neighborhood? Go with the neighbors and use your .30-30s to waste everyone in the crack house. .30-30s do a great job of turning evil slobs into good slobs.

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